Saturday, June 13, 2015


Hidden truths
Smothered For years…
Frozen anger
Buried deep

Eulogical chants,
Uttered in delusion
Hollow sounds of
Ignorant grief
Rending the air

The ice cracks
Streams of fury
Gurgling and frothing
Threatening to spill over…

Futile fervour
Not worthwhile
Let Bygones be
The haze has cleared

Seething no more
Rage spent
Breathing calm
In benign repose …

To the Unknown...

Of talent I claim not…
Of skill I pretend not...
Of technique I know not…
Of Craft I dare not…

Just a bold Gesture;
of exhilaration, of enchantment
Of fulfillment, of gratitude
Of serenity, of surrender…

Merely a response from within
To a call from without,
To reach out to the Beyond…
To the Unknown…

The Game is over

The shimmering , blinding veneer
painstakingly built
Over years of solitary toil 
Came crumbling down
The mask ripped into shreds
Scattered in the soil

The hideous face contorted in wickedness
hitherto hidden
now unveiled for all to gape at
raw emotions swathed in toxic sounds
Like pus oozing out from festering wounds
The charade exposed

The moments slithered in serpentine loops
All fury spent , a hollow crumbly shell
Stooped in self loathing,
Stripped of all remnants
of glory and elegance…
the stench prevails...