Thursday, August 15, 2013


Sometimes our eyes lock
And I see a bottomless abyss
Of darkness and despair
Mostly I walk away
But I don’t forget you exist
Those pools of darkness
Haunt my  being

I keep moving, trying to forge
A world deep inside, a world separate
A world far removed
But then, some fetters suck me in
I flail, I kick barely stay afloat
I pant, I splutter, I gasp…
The wretched phantoms
and the pools of darkness
now merely a murky shadow

the ripples recede, the waters become placid
I sink into the illusory stupor once again
I breathe…
 another stone is thrown in
Again, yet again…


its been long since I heard my name on your lips,
the sound of my name on your lips so sweet
so much love, so much fondness in your voice
just to hear my name again on your lips
that call in your voice
that love in your tone
to hear it again
the way you say it
the way it rolls off your tongue
the way your lips purse when you call
to see it
to hear it
to respond again…  
call me loud
call me clear
let me hear it again…
am still here,
where you left…