Monday, January 30, 2006

The Wall Of Silence

Silence, Silence, Silence…why did he never reply? She had called out so many times, but it was like he never heard her cries….but she knew he would’ve heard- he just chose not to respond- Why had she been chosen for silence? Did he think his silence was louder than his words? Did he think she could hear his thoughts through silence? Did he expect her to understand his unspoken words?

Or was it that he did not want to respond? But if so then why? What had she done to deserve this silent treatment?

She was sure she had given him no reason to rebuff her thus..or had she? Nothing that she could recall…or perhaps he had misunderstood her at some point in the past? Perhaps he had misinterpreted her words- sensed some unimplied meaning to her actions?? May be he was not used to her kind of expressions? May be he perceived her words, actions in a way different from what she had intended?

But how would she know the reason unless he broke his vow of silence? Unless he told her what he thought/felt? She could not read his mind…how could she clarify otherwise- reassure him that she had implied nothing offensive in thought, word or deed???


bharath said...

I would have made a long comment: but too sleepy now :P

Suppose the other end is god. Take Thyagaraja. Did he not work in that silence to bring out a world filled with beauty in his songs. I guess it comes by faith/love that removes necssity of words.

so you read "stranger and freud" (on my blogspot page) ... its like that. we are taunted by silence by our closest friend (so to speak). you can give any name to that friend, but he won't speak, but he will continue to show he is there around, somewhere, everywhere... i mean by "he" nature. so nice point to wonder. nice post.


Ardra said...

in spite of being sleepy, u'r comment made a lot of sense Bharath..:-)and somehow very comforting and reassuring...

aria said...

More than often - silence is gravitas n even more eloquent than the actual words but on the other hand muteness appears to be lined with acid and can be very unsettling, barren! I think theres a different between silence n muteness - I dont know why some ppl settle scores with muteness - I would anyday blurt out wht I hv in mind .. guess ppl hv different ways of dealing with a particular situation. Don't know whats wrong or right.

bharath said...

see thats what a sleepy person will say ... but which "other one" will remain silent ... they can as well be a wall or a piece of a rock. even a heart made of stone will melt and speak ... if yearning is in earnest.



Lost in trance... said...

its only wen u have it figgrd that u can speak...wat if there is this tussle? this equation that never balances? even tho u plough away with no gain? even if u wanna talk u cant?

but i guess in such situs u shud always look back at the good moments...n ifyu feel those r precious nuff, go back to em...ifyu feel otherwise, stop thinking n move on...