Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My Son's poems

The Song of Dawn

Hear ye good folks!
The morn is here!
The realm of darkness hath ended
Giving way to Dawn.

Hear and be happy
For your watch hath not been in vain
The dark reign is broken
Your King hath passed through
Triumphant and true.

Hear all ye children!
For your King shall rise again
He shall live among you
Until the next dark hour commeth.

The green that was withered
And the flower that was wilted
Shall be aroused and awakened
They shall reach for the skies
Swaying in pristine grace .

Rejoice all ye seedlings of the Earth!
For Light hath overthrown Darkness
Your King- The Sun is back again
He hath fought like a lion in battle
To hark in the Day break.

Hear all ye farmer folk!
Awake , your King is back
Its time to work your hand
To reap the crop
For the world to feast..

Hear all ye good folk!
Exult and be glad
The hour of gloom is past
The morn is here in all shimmering glory!

The Spring Symphony

The flowers they bloom
In the spring sunshine
Without a sulk of gloom

The birds of song
They sing along
In rhyme lifelong
In the shimmer of Dawn

The huge mountains grey
Cast their kind shade
On the valleys and the plains
And along the waters of the Bay.

The gorges rugged and deep
Caressed by the gurgling river
She springs and leaps
Shimmering in the glimmer of Dawn…

1 comment:

Vivek said...

How old is he?
If twelve or less: excellent effort:)!
Else, must read, read and read, and read more, and then rewrite, rewrite, rewrite.