Monday, August 22, 2005

More scribbles

Lord Krishna

Have always been fascinated by Lord Krishna from as long as I remember- in all his various forms and roles- and may be specially by Meera's Krishna and Radha Krishna. As a child I remember having tried to draw him from one of the pictures in the puja room- but this one I drew a few years ago, when my younger son was still a baby- 1996-I had just put him to sleep and I remember hurrying through the picture afraid he would wake up any moment.

This Krishna I copied from the Amar Chitra Katha "Meerabai"- there were a couple of other pictures too which I wanted to draw- one in which Lord Krishna holds a fainting Meera- Meera looked so beautiful, nubile- with long hair- but I was unable to sketch it...

It was one of the boring classes after lunch interval while in college-1986, and I was dangerously nodding off to sleep- when I noticed this picture on the cover of the note book of my friend next to me - I promptly set down to copy the picture on my note book- all the while pretending to taking down notes- the picture tho did not look like the person on the cover, did help me to ward off sleep.

I dont remember when I drew this one- but I must have been terribly bored...

It was soon after our wedding - 1988-89- I used to accompany my DH to the shop in the evenings - those days he used to run a medical shop in Kochi - and I would sit in a room at the back of the shop- with stocks of medicines around me- sometimes I would while away the time reading some book from the library- may be that day I had no book- I drew this on a sheet of paper bearing the seal of the Medical shop- copied it from a picture on some magazine lying around - The Week perhaps....I'm not too sure.

This was copied from an ad of Farex or Cerelac, I think- again from the pages of a magazine- I had been fascinated by the expression of the mother, but when I tried to capture it I think she looked kind of toothless! The baby was much cuter in the mag.

Its been a long time I scribbled something- recently when my net connexn was down, I tried to draw a pictutre of Radha and Krishna- from a wall hanging that we got from Udupi this May - the pic was beautiful- tho Krishna looked kind of effiminate- I tried to give him some muscles , make him taller- but the results were disastrous as you can see - the original is really beautiful I tell you...I sighed and returned the pencil that I had borrowed from my son.

The best ones were those that I drew in school- that of Mickey Mouse,Minni Mouse, Donald Duck and Ms Donald Duck- I coloured them with sketch pens- and made kinda wedding photos of the Mickey and Donald couples- those and a few others are now in my maike...which I show to my sons when we go there...

Now the younger one draws Pokemons with various kind of innovative "attacks" - he draws these funny looking creatures with helmets, and armour like things on them...

Crude sketches....

Sometimes, when time weighed heavily, I used to pick up a pencil and scribble- but now its been a long time that I did any drawing- I usually copy from some drawing, photograph- I have very less patience and by the time I'm half way, I cannot wait to finish the picture- no finishing touches... Besides I don't think I have any particular talent, I scribbled away just to while away time...

This is my grandfather . I drew this soon after his death in april 1988. It was more of an attempt to reach out to him when he was no longer there- I drew on a sheet of paper torn out of a note book. The edges are now frayed, but I wish I could have shown him this-he'd have been proud. I tried to copy from a portrait, but was unable to sketch the lips effectively. How muchever I tried, the likeness dissappeared when I attempted to draw the I left it as it is...I have signed off as "Naru" - that is what he used to call me...

This is of course an attempt to sketch a Kathakali character- I'm pathetic with using colours- so pencil sketch it had to be- I think I drew it long ago when I was in the XII th std- that must've been way back in 1984. I copied it from a painting- but it is disproportionate from many angles- the character is Rajassic-aggressive-( Ravana, Duryodhana etc) and the main colour tone would be various shades of red-

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Moving On...

Moving on

Memories still bring that
Treacherous gleam to the eye
And the world becomes
A floating bubble
On the sea of fond memories-

A sense of something precious lost,
A sense of jealous fear,
But Alas! The sand grains trickle
Through the clenched fist-
Fool that I was to believe
To hold secure, sand in my palms-

The sea is not mine,
Nor is the shore
I too a passing anybody
Among the yesteryears-

The sand grains pound
against the waves
and onward it travels
across to morrows

And yet, while memories
Moistens the eyes,yet
Gladdens the heart
For that which had been

Sometimes, as we move on
From the past into the future
Racing through the present
Now and then
Ours soul gets caught
In the thistles of time
Causing a tear, a shred
A wound, a scar…

Yet we heal…
surging into the morrow
for it is memories
that shape, that mould
The person that I become

And then there are those
That bring a smile to the lips
A cheer to the heart
And hope to the soul

And I resume collecting
The little memories as I move on…
Forging the past
Savouring the present
Refreshing the Future…

My Son's poems

The Song of Dawn

Hear ye good folks!
The morn is here!
The realm of darkness hath ended
Giving way to Dawn.

Hear and be happy
For your watch hath not been in vain
The dark reign is broken
Your King hath passed through
Triumphant and true.

Hear all ye children!
For your King shall rise again
He shall live among you
Until the next dark hour commeth.

The green that was withered
And the flower that was wilted
Shall be aroused and awakened
They shall reach for the skies
Swaying in pristine grace .

Rejoice all ye seedlings of the Earth!
For Light hath overthrown Darkness
Your King- The Sun is back again
He hath fought like a lion in battle
To hark in the Day break.

Hear all ye farmer folk!
Awake , your King is back
Its time to work your hand
To reap the crop
For the world to feast..

Hear all ye good folk!
Exult and be glad
The hour of gloom is past
The morn is here in all shimmering glory!

The Spring Symphony

The flowers they bloom
In the spring sunshine
Without a sulk of gloom

The birds of song
They sing along
In rhyme lifelong
In the shimmer of Dawn

The huge mountains grey
Cast their kind shade
On the valleys and the plains
And along the waters of the Bay.

The gorges rugged and deep
Caressed by the gurgling river
She springs and leaps
Shimmering in the glimmer of Dawn…